Reaching Out – IEEE

Serving with IEEE has helped me evolve as a good manager in organizing technical events and it has kept me updated with the latest advancements in my field of interest.

I am the head of Special Interest Group (SIG) - Embedded Systems in IEEE student branch Year 2011. The SIG in embedded was my idea and I have started it with the help of IEEE student branch this year. With a participation of about 60 students the group is one of the most active and enthusiastic bunch of people I have interacted with. The activities of the group include a lecture series on programming microcontrollers and FPGA, various communication interfaces and about frequently used IC’s in different kind of embedded systems. As a head of this body I conduct hands on workshops on programming microcontrollers and FPGA. As a part of the SIG I am working on and mentoring projects. As results of the efforts of Professor Anil Roy and our SIG team these projects have received funding from the National Innovation Foundation.

Current projects are :
1. Portable Text reader for blind.
2. Spell checking Pen
3. Universal Smart Grid

I also served as the Secretary of IEEE student branch, DA-IICT, in 2010. My association with IEEE has been a great learning experience. Encouraged by my friends, I started a new initiative – TECH TALKS, at DA-IICT, which is an informal discussion forum around the new happenings in the technology world.


My Motivation behind TECH TALKS:

TECH TALKS has given a fillip to students’ awareness on new technology and development and has also created interest in research activities among my peers at DA-IICT. Discussions are based on articles appearing in IEEE’s monthly magazine Spectrum, besides other topics of general interest. In nearly all sessions of TECH TALKS, I pick up a topic to speak upon. The sessions are interactive in which students express their thoughts on new trends and discuss whether these should be or will be adopted by the society. The response from these sessions gives me immense satisfaction and TECH TALKS is soon becoming a great place for interaction between students of all batches at DA-IICT.


Events Organized by IEEE at DA-IICT:

One of the major events organized by the IEEE student branch at DA-IICT has been I-fest. I-fest is an annual event organized by the student branch and is the biggest technical event within the Gujarat chapter. The two-day tech event saw lot of activities like presentations and competitions with participation from all across Gujarat.

A two-day workshop on “Embedded Systems” was organized by the student branch of IEEE at DA-IICT. During this workshop, I conducted a basic lab session in which the students were given the AVR controller. I taught them some basics about the peripherals of the controller and also how to program it. I also made a small demonstration of a speedometer using the kit that was provided to them. It was a very fulfilling experience for me to teach such a large group of students and share my knowledge with them.

Student Body Government

Member of Student Body Government

I was elected as a member of the Cultural committee of Student Body Government that takes care of the cultural life of students on the college campus. My good rapport and outgoing personality helped me to get elected into the committee. This gave me a good opportunity to interact with my peers and organize many fun events like dance and music competitions, celebrating festivals and national days. I am glad I could enrich the life at college campus for my fellow students by being a part of the student body government. This exposure in life helped me weigh importance of budget that was allocated to various activities in college and also sharpened my ability to put my point across hundred other students during the student assembly and convince them about what I thought.


Udgam School, Ahmedabad, was the first institution of my learning years, after my family of course. I was a popular student in my school; always a hard-working student.