“Think big, think fast, think ahead. Ideas are no one’s monopoly”

I am pursuing my Masters in Embedded Software Engineering @ School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University. This has made me hungry for new challenges every day. Touching people’s lives through software is what I live for.

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Don’t give up, courage
is my conviction

As a 12-year old, I was interested in almost anything. Books, adventure, travel, culture…I thought I was just unfocused! But now I know they were my entrepreneurial genes working to absorb all lessons that life has to teach and prepare me for what I am born for – “to look where everyone has looked but to see what no one else has seen!”


Books do to me what wealth does to the mind – giving the security of knowledge to my future! I have read varied authors and topics. Here’s a glimpse-

Indian Classical Music

I am passionate about Indian classical music. I have been learning it since I was five and can play the tabla and the flute. Classical music is a great teacher – it instils values of discipline and respecting ones teachers and elders. Learning classical music is a lot of hard work. “Riyaaz” or practice, which is extremely essential in the pursuit of classical music, teaches us to persevere without expecting anything in return. This also has a very close association with the Indian culture that reinforces similar family values, which have been a part of our culture since ages. Indian classical music teaches us to change with the changing times but without losing one’s identity.

I am fortunate to live in the city that hosts the biggest classical music festival in the world – Saptak. The festival lasts for 13 days and hosts more than 250 renowned artists. I have been following this event every year, which sees people from around the world coming in to experience the magic of music.

I also play the flute and I have participated in music competitions at college, winning prizes couple of times in the group category. Learning classical music requires stubbornness in a person. The more one practices, the more magical it becomes. I believe every child should undergo training in classical music to become a better person.

Bird watching

Bird-watching is a whole new kind of adventure for me. Our feathered friends are so full of life, color and variety that I get fascinated exploring more of these species. I am an avid nature lover and I love to see birds in their habitat. I have been a regular on the outskirts of my city, Ahmedabad, to watch birds, identify them and interpret their calls and flight style. I share my interest in bird-watching with my mother and aunt, and together, we have been on many bird-watching excursions. My interest and knowledge in birds gets deeper as I travel extensively to foreign lands. Their diversity in different places on this earth is awe-inspiring!


A beautiful thought crosses my mind when I think of my travel escapades: "The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page." Travelling can be one of the most rewarding and exhilarating experiences in life. It encourages you to find similarities amidst the dissimilarities of culture, traditions, food, beliefs, and more. And this discovery brings out the beauty of God`s creation - life!

I have travelled to places like South Africa, Kenya, Egypt, USA, UK, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai and Australia - each holding a prominent place in my tourist book.

Places I have hit within India are Kerala, Orissa, Pondicherry, Chhatisgarh, Himachal Pradesh, Agra, Delhi and Bangalore - each gleaming with rich Indian tradition and providing delight to a tourist`s memoirs.


I have a keen interest in mountaineering and trekking. It is a challenging sport and requires one to be physically and mentally fit. You need immense stamina and resistance to pursue this activity. I have been on a number of trips to the Himalayas. I find immense strength and beauty in the Himalayas. My excursions there have made me realize that the only way one can see true beauty of nature, untouched by civilizations, is on foot to these high mountains. Some of the destinations I hope to visit sometime soon in my life are Khatling Glacier, Patalsu peak, Saru Lake and Brigu Lake in the Himalayas. I eagerly await my camping trips in the Himalayas during my vacations.

Long Distance Cycling

Cycling is another sport that has caught my interest since I started college. I am an active member of the Ahmedabad Bicycling Club and I often go on 50-80 km rides around the city. I have participated in a couple of cycling expeditions, climbing Mount Abu on my bicycle. One of them involved covering 260 kms in two days as a part of the expedition.